Mac address lookup API

Mac address lookup API

Please Link back to our API in order to use it as a free service in your application or website.

As we needed everything to be compact and easy we put this in our mind while developing Our Mac Address Lookup API.

Our API comes free and without limits, and also very fast to learn how to develop apps based on it!

How to use Mac vendors lookup API?

it's very easy, just call this URL and replace {QUERY} with your query.{QUERY}

API accepts any text passed to it, you can pass Full Mac Address or just first Segment of it,Also you can pass company name or part of it.and finally you can pass the company address or part of it.
Our API can process any kind of mac addresses, for example mac addresses separated by ":" or "-" or "." are all accepted.

Output Formats

The Default output format is JSON but also alongside this we accept XML,CSV and PIPE.{QUERY}/{OUTPUT}
For example

JSON Output

Here is an example of json output.
{"result":{"company":"Apple, Inc.","mac_prefix":"08:74:02","address":"1 Infinite Loop,Cupertino  CA  95014,US","start_hex":"087402000000","end_hex":"087402FFFFFF","country":"US","type":"MA-L"}}
Where company is the company name,mac_prefix is the mac address prefix for that company, and address is the company address.

XML Output

<company>Apple, Inc.</company>
<address>1 Infinite Loop,Cupertino CA 95014,US</address>

CSV output

"Apple, Inc.","08:74:02","1 Infinite Loop,Cupertino  CA  95014,US","087402000000","087402FFFFFF","US","MA-L"

PIPE output

"Apple, Inc."|"08:74:02"|"1 Infinite Loop,Cupertino CA 95014,US"|"087402000000"|"087402FFFFFF"|"US"|"MA-L"

Secure Connection

Our API accepts connection using https protocol,i.e{QUERY}

Mac vendor lookup for vendor name only

Some time you just need to know vendor name only,so we have created simpler method in our API which will replay only with vendor name if exist.
Here is an example:{QUERY}
Just replace {QUERY} with mac address.
We wish you happy coding,you can also check: