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Wächter GmbH Sicherheitssysteme

Alte Ricklinger Str. 3
Hannover Garbsen 30823


14:ED:A5:00:00:00 ====> 14:ED:A5:FF:FF:FF

The maximum devices for this prefix is 16777216 Possible devices, This means that manufacturer can use this prefix to produce this amount of devices,but it didn't mean that he already manufactured them all or he had a plan to do.
And if This Manufacturer used all possible devices for this prefix he had to buy a new prefix from the IEEE to manufacture extra devices.

IEEE Database:MA-L


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The German company Wächter GmbH Sicherheitssysteme is known as a flexible design, development and manufacturing company specialized in Video surveillance solutions, Access Control, Intrusion and Fire alarm systems.

Wächter GmbH Sicherheitssysteme was founded in Hannover, Germany; the headquarter, by the owners who have experience in this field of business since 1998.

Wächter GmbH Sicherheitssysteme has become one of the best market Leaders for security and safety systems by offering high quality products and exceptional customer service.

Wächter GmbH Sicherheitssysteme always keep in mind supplying its customers with highly specialized security products by using materials and components of high quality and best standards in order to reduce susceptibility of any items defectiveness.

Now, Wächter GmbH Sicherheitssysteme has a good name world-wide and its products are supplied to Europe, Middle East and Africa.