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201 San Antonio Circle #172
Mountain View CA 94040


00:0B:25:00:00:00 ====> 00:0B:25:FF:FF:FF

The maximum devices for this prefix is 16777216 Possible devices, This means that manufacturer can use this prefix to produce this amount of devices,but it didn't mean that he already manufactured them all or he had a plan to do.
And if This Manufacturer used all possible devices for this prefix he had to buy a new prefix from the IEEE to manufacture extra devices.

IEEE Database:MA-L

North America/United States of America

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Aeluros Inc was a semiconductor company developing integrated circuits for wireline communications - for Ethernet operating at 10 Gigabits per second. The company was founded in 2001 ,[1] and produced physical layer ICs used in 10GE line cards and optical modules (such as XENPAK, SFP, XFP).

Aeluros was the first to produce a XAUI transceiver dissipating less than 1 Watt of power, a transceiver that can drive directly a 10 Gbit/s VCSEL, [4] and a transceiver with integrated Electronic Dispersion Compensation for 10GE using Multi-mode optical fiber.

Aeluros merged with NetLogic Microsystems in October 2007 in a deal exceeding $70M. Netlogic Microsystems was subsequently acquired by Broadcom in February 2012 for $3.7B.