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Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd.

No.25, Wugong 6th Rd., Wugu Dist.,
New Taipei City 248, TAIWAN, REPUBLIC OF CHINA 248


64:5A:04:00:00:00 ====> 64:5A:04:FF:FF:FF

The maximum devices for this prefix is 16777216 Possible devices, This means that manufacturer can use this prefix to produce this amount of devices,but it didn't mean that he already manufactured them all or he had a plan to do.
And if This Manufacturer used all possible devices for this prefix he had to buy a new prefix from the IEEE to manufacture extra devices.

IEEE Database:MA-L


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Chicony was established in February 1983, and company headquarters are located in the ”New Taipei Industrial Park” in the Wugu District of New Taipei City. Chicony is a listed company in Taiwan and the TWSE stock code is 2385. After 30 years of hard work and operation, the company has become a transnational enterprise with manufacturing bases in Suzhou, Dongguan, Chongqing in China and in the Czech Republic. The company also has branches in the US and Japan.Chicony’s business centers around the manufacture of computer peripheral products. The four major product lines are input devices, portable keyboard modules, visual and image products as well as camera lens modules. Keyboards, Internet cameras and Notebook camera modules are our world-leading products. The sales of sports video-recorders and external tablet keyboards have also been growing.

The hard work of all Chicony employees has resulted in excellent performance year after year. Not only has overall operation been stable, but profits have steadily increased. The company has been included in the “Taiwan mid-cap 100 index stock” by TWSE, and for three consecutive years has been selected by the CommonWealth magazine as one of the top one hundred manufacturers in Taiwan as well as being evaluated many times as an excellent enterprise by National and International media. At Chicony, we value every employee. In addition to a sound welfare system and good work environment, we also provide space for learning and growing. Every Chicony employee is proud of their career area. With excellent team work and spirit we seek a brighter future together where the whole staff contributes without hesitation to provide feedback to the stockholders and society by placing emphasis on R&D, maintaining a leading role in technology, seeking growth and being an industry leader.