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Obour Industrial City, Industrial zone A, lot14, block 12006.


00:1F:2A:00:00:00 ====> 00:1F:2A:FF:FF:FF

The maximum devices for this prefix is 16777216 Possible devices, This means that manufacturer can use this prefix to produce this amount of devices,but it didn't mean that he already manufactured them all or he had a plan to do.
And if This Manufacturer used all possible devices for this prefix he had to buy a new prefix from the IEEE to manufacture extra devices.

IEEE Database:MA-L


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We are a subsidiary of ASEC Company For Mining, a prominent leader in the Egyptian market in the domain of geology and mining for over 25 years.
ACCM started its production operations in 2009, with a vision of progressive successes in the field of industrial minerals where we are promoting ourselves with a range of reliable products which serve the diversified industries such as paper, plastics, paints, coatings construction, and other applications.

Aiming to create value for our customers and shareholders through our committed and innovative team and the utilization of our high quality mineral reserves.
In order to do this, we focus on listening to our customers and understanding their needs for today and tomorrow while providing them with the cost effective solutions they need through using our products manufactured from Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC).
ACCM is committed to deliver ensuring compliance with the highest ethical, environmental and safety standards, providing our people with a motivating, rewarding and a healthy environment.