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20925 Crossroads Circle
Waukasha WI 53186


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North America/United States of America

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Founded in 1984, Criticare Systems , Inc. (CSI) is an international medical device company headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin. CSI develops, markets and distributes a wide range of patient monitoring devices and anesthetic gas monitoring systems which incorporate technological innovation with cost-effective features. CSI products address patient safety concerns and monitoring needs in anesthesia, critical care, respiratory care, transport and outpatient care environments. Comprehensive customer and technical support programs make even its most advanced systems consistently productive.
CSI is a subsidiary of Opto Cardiac Care Ltd.
A History of Innovation
CSI is a leader and innovator in vital signs monitoring and anesthetic agent analysis.
Developed and introduced ComfortCuff® NIBP for fast, comfortable blood pressure readings measured on-inflation.
Developed and introduced DOX™ Digital Oximetry, the first completely digital pulse oximetry technology providing higher performance in high motion, low perfusion and ambient noise.
Developed and introduced the first hospital grade ambulatory telemetry monitor which simultaneously transmitted real time ECG, NIBP and SpO2 data.
Introduced one of the first handheld pulse oximeters for spot-checks and continuous monitoring.
Patented UltraSync ECG synchronization for monitoring oxygen saturation in highly active and poorly perfused patients.
The first to combine pulse oximetry and capnography in one system.
Developed and patented a far-infrared technology, High IQ, to automatically identify and quantify five agent gases.
The first to offer reusable multi-site and reusable shell SpO2 sensors which were fully immersable, allowing for sterilization and significant cost savings compared to disposables.
Developed and patented a reliable water separation system for monitoring inspired and expired gases in high humidity environments, WaterChek™.