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Ottawa Ontario K2K3G4


74:9C:E3:00:00:00 ====> 74:9C:E3:FF:FF:FF

The maximum devices for this prefix is 16777216 Possible devices, This means that manufacturer can use this prefix to produce this amount of devices,but it didn't mean that he already manufactured them all or he had a plan to do.
And if This Manufacturer used all possible devices for this prefix he had to buy a new prefix from the IEEE to manufacture extra devices.

IEEE Database:MA-L

North America/Canada

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After selling BelAir to Ericsson, Bernard immediately began thinking about his next project. After backing Bernard at BelAir, Comcast Ventures wanted to be a part of the next big thing and brought Bernard on as Entrepreneur in Residence. As they started cooking up the new idea, they quickly realized the new business required a new set of experts: Cloud, Big Data and Machine Learning together with Wireless LAN.

So, Bernard handpicked Hubert Jin and Sergey Plotnikov, two of his best at BelAir to get the wireless side going. Next he had to build the cloud team. The Cloud engineers worked together at Amdocs and Bridgewater, and were specialists in using large Cloud systems to control real time networks. Hubert Sugeng was the manager of their team, Yong Li was the architect and Dmitry Toptygin was the ace application developer.

Through many passionate discussions, the two teams started learning each other’s technologies and capabilities. Thus, new ideas started to emerge, combining unique aspects of Cloud Management, Big Data and Machine Learning into what has become platform that will change wireless networking forever.